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Our clients comprise public, as well as private companies and private equity firms in Sweden and internationally.



  • Avantus has through pertinent industry insight and long lasting experience in cross - border transactions been pivotal to a successful sales process. Specifically, they showed an ability to in a focused manner drive the process forward.

    – Jörgen Malmenskog, , CEO of Avonova –
  • Avantus has, with great commitment and business mindedness, played a cardinal role through out the whole transaction that concluded in e-Avrop gaining a new, and for us previously unknown, owner with whom the next steps in the company’s development can be taken.

    – Rikard Blom, co - owner and CEO at e-Avrop AB –
  • Avantus and M&A International has through relevant industry insight and profound experience from cross-border transactions been key for a successful sales process. Not least, they showed ability to identify the right international buyer in a competitive process.

    – Linda Bjernstål, founder and CEO at Flygstolen –
  • Avantus have been important for us throughout this successful takeover process. By identifying the right cross-border candidate for our expansion and contributing with their financial and strategic competence, Avantus has contributed to important value creation in Nolato.

    – Christer Wahlquist, Nolato President and CEO –
  • Avantus, our financial advisor, have in a highly pedagogical manner followed us throughout the whole process and have, with great commitment and sector expertise, played a pivotal role in what has become an outcome far beyond our expectations.

    – Emil Wallgren, co - founder and CEO, Ungstöd –